Asian American International Film Festival — July 26th - Aug 6th, 2023

AAIFF45 Asian American International Film Festival
DATES: Aug 3–Aug 13, 2022
MAIN VENUE: Asia Society (725 Park Avenue @70th St, New York, NY 10021)
Littlefield (635 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11217)
MCNY (1220 Fifth Avenue @103rd St, New York NY 10029)

This year’s festival is a hybrid festival, mixing online screenings and live-streamed events with select in-person events. You can watch from home with an internet connection. Most films are available for viewing globally, unless otherwise noted.

This year, our main venue for in-person film screenings, receptions and events will be the Asia Society and Museum in New York City. If there is another location, it will be listed in the event details. Man Push Cart, a special presentation, will be held at MCNY. Comedy Night and Meet Cute Music events will take place in Littlefield, Brooklyn. Please check the event pages for details and updates.

We also have a number of events both in-person and online that are free or pay-as-you-wish and open to the community!

Ticket Price Chart
Group Discounts
Purchasing Tickets
Passes and Packages
In-Person Events
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System Requirements
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Ticket Price Chart

General Ticket (in-person/online)$16/$10
Household Ticket (online only)$15
3-pack (in-person/online)$40/$25
5-pack (in-person/online)$65/$40
Online All-Access Pass
July 11 – July 20, 2022 (Early Bird Pre-Sale)
July 21 – Aug 2, 2022 (Pre-Sale)
Aug 3 – Aug 13, 2022 (Full Price)

Cine Pass
July 11 – July 20, 2022 (Early Bird Pre-Sale)
July 21 – Aug 2, 2022 (Pre-Sale)
Aug 3 – Aug 13, 2022 (Full Price)

Gold Pass
July 11 – July 20, 2022 (Early Bird Pre-Sale)
July 21 – Aug 2, 2022 (Pre-Sale)
Aug 3 – Aug 13, 2022 (Full Price)

Opening Night Screening (Free Chol Soo Lee) & Reception$100
Centerpiece Screening (Yuni) & Reception$50
Closing Screening (Chinatown Beat) & Reception$60
Comedy Night @ Littlefield$15
Meet Cute Music @ Littlefield$20

Group Discounts

Groups of 10+ can qualify for scaled group rate discount. This is a great option for schools, employee resource groups, alumni networks, large families looking for a way to stay connected, etc.

For group rates or bulk purchases, the discount rates are as follows and will be automatically applied when you check out:

  • In-Person Tickets
    • 25% off purchases of 10-39 tickets
    • 30% off purchases of 40+ tickets
  • Online Tickets
    • 15% off purchases of 10-19 tickets
    • 22% off purchases of 20-29 tickets
    • 25% off purchases of 30-39 tickets
    • 30% off purchases of 40+ tickets

We are not able to offer student/disabled/military discounts this year.

For more information, please send an email to:

Purchasing Tickets

How do I purchase tickets?
Each film or event will have a link to purchase your tickets. After your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to view the film. You may purchase anytime within the dates of our festival, but you have 48 hrs from when you first press “play” to view the film. After that, the ticket expires. 

Some of our in-person workshops, panels or online events are free. Check for details on our website.

I don’t see an option to purchase or add tickets to my cart?
Please try refreshing the page with your web browser.

How do I reserve a ticket as a pass holder?
If you are a pass holder, you must first sign into your cart to reserve tickets.

Can I purchase tickets for more than one film or event?
Yes! You can add several films or events to your cart and check out at one time.

I have a promo code. Where do I enter it?
Please enter your promo code at checkout.

How do I purchase tickets for a friend or as a gift?
Please complete the purchase as a separate transaction from your tickets. After the purchase, forward the confirmation email to the person you would like.

Can online films or events sell out?
Yes, in some cases, we have an admissions limit, just like for an in-person festival. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance before they’re sold out.

Can I share the film link with a friend?
You may only view the film once per ticket and tickets may not be shared.

Can I view the film with my partner or family member who I live with?
Great question! Please consider buying a Household Ticket if you are planning to view the film with multiple persons. Normally in theaters, everyone would purchase their own individual ticket, but there is NO WAY FOR US TO STOP YOU. The screener is the same. 

The money not only goes towards producing the festival – it also goes towards supporting the filmmakers, artists, and businesses that help make the festival happen. 

Using a multi-pack or gold pass

I bought a Gold Pass/3-Pack/5-Pack. What do I do now?
Make sure you’re logged in to your Elevent account. Navigate to your Account page and you should see your package on the right-hand side, along with a button to fulfill the package. This will activate your package. Now when you browse our website and add films, you should see the ticket price is $0 as long as you have unused tickets left.

I’m trying to get a ticket to a film (not a livestream event) but it says that there are no showtimes or tickets available. What do I do?
Check your Elevent account to see if your 3-Pack/5-Pack is active. If so, then the event may be one of our pay-as-you-wish programs. If you purchase a ticket, you will use one of your multi-pack tickets. If you do not want to do this, please deactivate your 3-Pack or 5-Pack temporarily, or finish your multi-pack first.

In-Person Events

Where do in-person festival events take place?
This year, our main venue for in-person film screenings, receptions and panels will be the Asia Society and Museum in New York City. If there is another location, it will be listed in the event details.

Man Push Cart, a special presentation, will be held at MCNY. Comedy Night and Meet Cute Music events will take place in Littlefield, Brooklyn. Please check the event pages for details and updates.

What in-person festival events are being held?
Please see our calendar/schedule for a full list of the festival’s online and in-person events this year.

Who can attend in-person festival events?
In the interest of public safety, we ask all our attendees to be fully vaccinated. Within that population, all are welcome. We recommend you bring your vaccination card for travel to and around NYC. Proof of vaccination status will be required for the screenplay reading event.
*Please note: Littlefield is a 21+ venue and ID will be required for Comedy Night and Meet Cute Music.

How do I attend in-person festival events?
All events are by ticketed admission only. (Please see “Purchasing Tickets” above for more details). Once you receive your ticket, just show up! There will be attendants to check you in. Enjoy the event!

Are face coverings required at in-person festival events?
For the safety of the attendees, filmmakers, performers, and staff, we ask that everyone attending our in-person events wear a mask during the duration of the event, even if they have been fully-vaccinated.

Viewing Content

When will I be able to view the films?
All films are VOD – on demand. If purchasing tickets in advance, you will receive an access link via email when the film becomes available to view. For most films, this will be August 3. If purchasing tickets during the festival (August 3 – August 13, 2022), you will receive the access link immediately.

I can’t find my access email, what should I do?
Please check your spam and junk folders. Our event partner is Elevent. Search your mailbox for Asian CineVision or for the email address:

I still can’t find the event access email?
We use Elevent as our event partner, so log into your order history page (

I don’t see the view button on my order history page, what do I do?
The view button will appear once the film is available to view. For most films, that is August 3, when the festival begins.

Can I pause or stop the film while I am viewing the film?
You may watch the film anytime during the festival (Aug 3 to Aug 13). Once you hit play, you will have 48 hours to finish watching the film. If you do not finish the film within those 48 hours, you will need to purchase another ticket. Please note that some films may have additional restrictions. Please read the Film/Event page for any additional restrictions.

Can I watch films from outside the U.S.?
Most of our films will be available to watch in the USA and Canada. There are some films that can only be watched in the tri-state area (New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut.) Specific geofences will be detailed on the film page.

Will there still be Q&A’s and other live events?
Yes, there is a full schedule of live events including Q&As, panels, workshops, etc. All of these will be live-streamed on our Twitch and Facebook, then available for viewing at your own time on our YouTube channel. Panels, workshops, and events, like our Screenplay Reading, will be “pay as you wish,” with a suggested donation of $10. You can RSVP through Elevent like you’re buying a film screening ticket.

How do I watch the Q&A for a film?
If there is a Q&A for the film, it will be on the film’s page listed under associated events. Q&As will be streamed live on Twitch and Facebook, and will be available for viewing within 24 hours of the stream on YouTube.

What are bonus materials?
Bonus materials are submitted by the filmmaker and may include interviews, behind-the-scenes access, or an introduction to the film. They are meant to add to your experience.


How can I get industry or filmmaker accreditation?
For accreditation, please see our accreditation section here.

I am a member of the press, how do I get a press pass?
For more information, please view our press section here.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements?
You can view films on PCs running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, and Macs running OSX 10.12 or later. You can also watch on Android devices using Chrome and on iPhones and iPads with Safari.

Can I watch films on my iPhone/iPad?
You can use Safari on iOS 11.2 or later.

Can I watch films on my Android phone or tablet?
You can use Chrome on Android 6.0 or later.

Technical Support

I tried buying a ticket, but when adding a ticket, my cart still shows as empty. What should I do?
Please check your browser and turn off private or incognito mode. Some features of the cart may not function properly if your browser is set to private. Your browser must accept cookies. Or alternatively, you can purchase tickets or packages directly on our Elevent page.

Who do I contact if I have an issue viewing the film or purchasing tickets?
You may contact: