Become a Sponsor

AAIFF, the Asian American International Film Festival, hosted by Asian CineVision, grew out of a mission to increase representation of Asian and Pacific Islander American communities at its base in New York City with the goal of increasing understanding of what it means to share APIA stories. AAIFF’s dynamic forum of Asian diaspora storytelling paves the way for the next generation to continue learning about the Asian culture and the APIA experience. 

Your support this year is unique as it demonstrates the necessity of our work and how a pandemic cannot and will not stop AAIFF from celebrating its 43rd year! For the first time, the festival is held online and continues to highlight: feature and short film programs of all genres and visual styles from countries around the world, live online Q&As, industry networking mixers, music video showcase, exclusive interviews, screenplay readings, along with many fresh online activities to come! 

Individual and Corporate sponsorships are vital for ACV to produce the annual Asian American International Film Festival. 

  • Collaborate with AAIFF43 to demonstrate your commitment to art and diversity. 
  • Provide an educational and interactive way of engaging your employees at the community level.
  • Meet AAIFF APIA filmmakers consisting of writers/directors/actors/film crew/and more!
  • Receive a tax deduction for your charitable contributions.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at all levels:

  • In-kind donations of gift certificates, products and product subscriptions
  • Advertising space online, e-tickets, and in the program book
  • Exclusive sponsorship of programs
  • Title sponsorship to increase visibility within programs

ACV and AAIFF look forward to crafting a sponsor partnership and benefits package to optimize your company’s outreach goals and values. Please contact us with your interest at and our sponsorship team would be happy to discuss and develop a sponsorship package that is distinct to your charitable and branding priorities.