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Directed By Andy Nguyễn

Vietnam | Narrative | 109 min

East Coast Premiere

— About fanti

Step into the haunting world of Fanti, where an aspiring actress’s online allure becomes a playground for a mysterious tormentor. As her virtual facade unravels, she confronts the chilling reality of a stalker’s obsession. This thriller delves deep into the treacherous realms of social media, exposing the vulnerabilities of a generation fixated on curated personas and societal validation.



      • Date and Time

        Friday, August 02 2024

        8:30 PM to 10:34 PM

      • Venue

        Regal Union Square - Auditorium 15

        850 Broadway
        New York, NY 10003

      Film Details

      1. Violence

      2. Vietnamese

      3. English

      4. East Coast Premiere

      5. 2023

      6. 109 minutes

      7. Mystery, Thriller

      8. Narrative

      9. Vietnam

        1. Andy Nguyễn

        Andy Nguyễn, a Vietnamese-American filmmaker based in Sarasota, FL and Saigon, Vietnam, grew up in Tampa, FL. He earned his MFA in Film from Columbia University before diving into Vietnam's burgeoning film scene. Andy gained recognition as an editor for hits like Miss Granny (2015) and The Immortal (2018). In 2023, his debut feature Fanti (2023), distributed by Lotte Entertainment, earned him the "Best Directorial Debut" award at the XXIII Liên hoan phim Việt Nam.

        1. Andy Nguyễn

          Nguyen Trinh Hoan

          Phan Gia Nhat Linh

          Nhi Bui

        1. Luigi Campi

          Andy Nguyễn

        1. Nguyễn Lâm Thảo Tâm

          Hồ Thu Anh

          NSND Lê Khanh

          NS Hoàng Sơn

          Võ Điền Gia Huy

        1. DP: Nguyễn Vinh Phúc

          Editors: Hằng Kira Kira, Nguyễn Thiên Ân

          Music Composer: Zach Sch

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