This Time

Directed By Sebastien Tobler

USA | Narrative | 90 min

East Coast Premiere

[After the screening, there will be a live in-person Q&A with the filmmakers.]

Long lost high school sweethearts, Laela and Colin, unexpectedly reunite in Los Angeles 23 years after being separated during the 1998 Jakarta riots, where they were torn apart without notice, unable to say goodbye, and flown away to different countries.

When they see one another again, the temptation to reconnect with a kindred spirit is irresistible, despite Laela’s looming deadline and Colin’s impending move to Pennsylvania.

As the star-crossed lovers examine the choices that led them down their separate paths and back again, Laela and Colin must decide if they’re still in love or just nostalgic for the past.


    • Date and Time

      Saturday, July 29 2023

      2:15 PM to 4:05 PM

    • Venue

      Quad Cinema

      34 W 13th Street
      New York, NY 10011

    Film Details

    1. Sexual content, Strong languge

    2. English

    3. N/A
    4. East Coast Premiere

    5. 2023

    6. 90 minutes

    7. Drama, Romance

    8. Narrative

    9. USA

      1. Sebastien Tobler

      Sebastien Tobler is a Filipino-Swiss writer-director whose storytelling reflects his mixed race and cultural background, as well as the sense of impermanence that stems from growing up in seven different countries. Sebastien pours his heart into his creations, infusing each story with a nostalgic quality that captures the human experience. As he continues to explore new horizons, Sebastien remains grateful for the experiences that have shaped him into the person and artist he is today.

      1. Theresa Chiu

      1. Sebastien Tobler

      1. Ken Kirby

        Leila Perry

      1. Mitch Narito - Mitch

        Earl Baylon - Earl

        Diane Robin - Marcia

        Carlos Carrasco - Ruben

        DP - Garrett O'Brien

        Production Designer - Emma Koh

        Original Music - Young Lee

        EP- Allen Chai

        EP - Jeff Yang

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