Asian American International Film Festival — Aug 1st - Aug 11th, 2024

The Old Young Crow + Yaobikuni's Love (Yaobikuni no koi) [In-Person]

This in-person screening of YAOBIKUNI’S LOVE will be preceded by the short film, THE OLD YOUNG CROW:

Mehrdad, now an elderly man, reflects on childhood in Tokyo after his mother’s passing. Navigating an old sketchbook, Mehrdad tells the tale of his encounter with an elderly Japanese woman named Chiyo at the graveyard near his old school.





According to legendary folklore, Yaobikuni are women who have attained immortality by eating the flesh of a “ningyo”, a variant of mermaid said to grant eternal life.

In this genre-bending story, we follow three modern-day yaobikuni women through fictional documentarian, Miike. Yaobikunis live strange, parallel lives — immortals among mortals — each facing the challenges of dating, motherhood, and loneliness. As Miike spends more time interviewing the Yaobikuni women, those involved gradually start to disappear.

Using a stylistic blend of gothic mythologically,  multimedia sequences, and pseudo-documentary footage, YAOBIKUNI’S LOVE is a remarkable, unparalleled experience.


The event has already passed. Tickets are no longer available.

Included Short Films

  • The Old Young Crow
    Liam LoPinto
    12 mins

    An Iranian boy befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo.

Cast And Crew

  1. Director

    Kentarou Miura —
    Kentarou Miura, born June 10th, 1986, graduated from the Toho Gakuen Film Techniques Training College and later worked as an assistant director for both films and documentary shows. Afterward, he put an emphasis on screenwriting.
  2. Producer

    Kentarou Miura
  3. Writer

    Kentarou Miura
  4. Cast

    Rumi Koizumi


    Wednesday Sakigake

    Sawa Masaki

    Takashi Irie

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