Asian American International Film Festival — Aug 1st - Aug 11th, 2024

Interactive Media Gallery

The projects at the third annual Interactive Media Gallery and first ever in-person exhibit, reflect the Asian American diasporic experience as essentially defined by these traits of liminality, disappearance, and becoming, embodied by the loss of original culture in both their material presences, as well as in how they are embodied and shaped by distance from elders and ancestors. The experience is imagined as generative, taking the lost elements of an identity not as absolute, but as a making-way for new practices, cultural worlds, and essentially diasporic and transnational Asian American narratives.


The Interactive Media Gallery is an in-person exhibition held at Hana House during the following:

  • July 28, 3:00pm – 7:00pm ET
  • July 29, 12:00pm – 4:00pm ET

[Note that there will be an in-person filmmaker Q&A and mixer following the July 28 exhibition.]


Timed tickets are available during the above mentioned time slots at 30-minute intervals;  please note the ticket timing only refers to your entry window, not the maximum amount of time you are permitted to stay in the gallery.

As such, there are a limited amount of tickets available and we encourage you to purchase them in advance. Please click the link below to purchase tickets directly from our box office website, Elevent. 

Short Films

  • Temporal World: A Haptisonic Virtual Reality Memory World
    Chloé Lee
    30 mins

    "Temporal World" is a generative, haptisonic VR experience inspired by the artist's memories in a place where she has no personal history.

  • Reimagined Volume II: Mahal
    Michaela Ternasky-Holland
    19 mins

    In the wake of their all-powerful father's demise, four sibling deities must confront their underlying grief in order to save the earth and each other from a peril caused by their own anger.

  • To Future Listeners I (미래의 청취자들에게 I)
    YoungEun Kim
    8 mins

    The song in the video is Love Song: Ar-ra-rang 1 recorded on a wax cylinder in 1896 performed by three Korean students.

  • 2021
    Shinji Furuya
    13 mins

    An unprecedented pandemic has affected people around the world. What did people think about and how did they live during this time?

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