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Qi Alchemy are adaptogenic super herbs that are active compounds from plants to nourish the gut and tonify the digestive tract, reducing inflammation, relieving muscle tension and stress, as well as strengthening your immune system. Our mission is to share the highest quality herbal blends from South Korea for people all over the world to optimize their natural beauty and wellness from the inside out. 

Korean Red Ginseng, our hero ingredient:

Recognized around the world as the Elixir of Life and harvested and fermented for at least 6 years, Korean red ginseng contains powerful anti-aging nutrients and antioxidants and has remarkable benefits for your mind and body.

Qi Alchemy pearls are the perfect solution to combat chronic inflammation with our proprietary ancient herbal blends and clinical research.

No artificial or synthetic ingredients


No preservatives, gums or chemicals



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Qi Alchemy

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