• October 01

  • October 10

    • AAIFF43 Presents: Music Night Out

      7:00 PM | 120 mins

      A night of musical performances and music videos highlighting the amazing collaboration of API musicians and filmmakers.

  • Digital Content

    • Swing

      6 mins

      On the playground, a frustrated girl’s jealousy clouds her inner thoughts and takes her deeper into hell, where she finds a shift in perspective.

    • So Bright 2

      16 mins

      A hardworking musician finally has an opportunity to fulfill his dream. A girl with terminal illness falls in love with him despite knowing he has a girlfriend. With relationship complications impacting his career, he has to decide.

    • Analysis Paralysis

      36 mins

      A series of overthinking scenarios told in 5 mins or less.

    • Sideways Smile

      18 mins

      A young Asian-American woman begins a journey of sexual discovery after enrolling in a class to learn how to have an orgasm.

    • HighBread

      29 mins

      A collegiate comedy that highlights the lives of a baker, a burnout, and an international student on the brink of breakdown as they collectively break bread and cultural stereotypes over a Boston-based marijuana bakery.

    • Lutaw

      8 mins

      Germay, a scrappy, budding inventor, tries to find a better way to commute to school.

    • Fucking Japanese

      4 mins

      A Korean woman and her Japanese lover are interrupted at an inconvenient time.

    • Xun

      3 mins

      XUN is an experimental meditation on diaspora, disorientation, and invisibility. Xun explores a surrealist journey to locate oneself through the juxtaposition of animation, paintings, and live action.

    • "Choose" - Super Smack

      4 mins

      CHOOSE is the dance-driven origin story of Filipino-American rapper Super Smack, who found his voice by combining his passion for videogames + hip-hop. Catherine Ricafort, Broadway veteran & Super Smack's sister, makes her directorial debut

    • anpu zoea

      5 mins