Fly In Power

Yang Song, a Chinese migrant massage parlor worker, fell to her death in November of 2017 during a police raid. FLY IN POWER conveys the urgent issues of migrant Asian massage and sex workers through documentary.


  • Yin Q
  • Grace Naw
  • Yin Q is a Chinese American writer, kink educator, and sex worker rights activist. Their work includes “Mercy, Mistress” (Margaret Cho, co-EP; starring Poppy Liu, co-EP & Daniel K Issac); We, too (Feminist Press); Afro- Asia (Duke University Press); and Kink Out events (PS1MoMA & Leslie Lohman). Yin was raised by a matriarchal line of Lau Lau, Aiye's, and their ma and continues the legacy with their two nǚ'érmen.
  • Grace Naw is a pangender filmmaker, farmer, and community organizer of the Korean diaspora, raised by communities in New York and New Jersey.
  • Producer

    • Yin Q
    • Grace Naw
  • Writer

    • Yin Q
  • Cast

    • Hai Song
    • Kate Zen
    • Khoi Khoi
    • Red
    • Aya Tazaki
    • Nina Luo

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