Dong-bok and Seon-ok, Japanese military sexual slavery victims, attend the Wednesday Protests weekly that have been going on for twenty-eight years. Dong-bok is inquisitive and wishes to explore more about youth culture. Seon-ok is now used to living in Seoul after leaving her hometown. They both like to sit around in a park and simply watch people passing by. On one Wednesday, Dong-bok skips the protest and goes to a cafe to drink bubble tea. Dong-bok sees a couple there and remembers her childhood with her first love, Byeol-ha.

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  • Jung Yoon Jang
  • Hae Seoung Kim
  • Jung Yoon Jang is a Seoul and New York City-based fiction and nonfiction filmmaker. Jung Yoon is earning her BFA in Film at the School of Visual Arts. She participated in making a documentary on the ‘‘Women’s March." Jung Yoon created and directed WEDNESDAYS, a narrative about women and girls who were forced to be sex slaves by the Imperial Japanese Army.
  • Hae Seoung Kim is a filmmaker based in New York and Seoul. She has directed three short films, and one has been selected as one of the 50 finalists in the London International Student Film Festival. She is currently earning her BFA in Film at School of Visual Arts.
  • Producer

    • Daehan Kim
    • Hae Seoung Kim
  • Writer

    • Jung Yoon Jang
  • Cast

    • Seoyeon Han
    • Junghui Byeon
    • Kwangtae Noh

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