We Need to Talk About The Ring

We Need to Talk About The Ring

30 minutes

Narrative, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance




NYC Premiere

Content Warning: Sexual Violence

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Though same-sex marriage is now legal in her hometown, Xin resolves to give up her successful career in the U.S. and return home. Xin’s parents eagerly await their daughter’s return. However, little do they know about Xin’s intentions to take advantage of Taiwan’s new same-sex marriage laws. Caught between love and family, Xin risks both her family and lover as she is forced to own up to her true feelings.

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  • Yichi Chen
  • Yichi Chen is a versatile filmmaker from Taipei, Taiwan, who started her creative career after working at the TV station as a sound engineer. Inspired by many independent films, Yichi finally decided to approach filmmaking and get her Master of Fine Arts degree at Emerson College in 2019. In 2019, Yichi launched her thesis project, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE RING, which brings a unique viewpoint and diversifies LGBT film content.
  • Producer

    • Thanos Fan
  • Writer

    • Yichi Chen
  • Cast

    • Gail Lin
    • Cheng Ya-Chih
    • Lu Wen-Hsueh
    • Chien Yi-Tung

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