[SHORTS] Uncharted Waters: VR & Digital Shorts

Bring your virtual reality headsets if you’ve got ‘em! In the 360° animated world of LUTAW, a young inventor shows us how locals boat between islands in the Philippines, before
we are guided into further uncharted virtual and two-dimensional waters to experience humorous, dark and eclectic stories of heartbreak and discovery. We end on YANG SONG: FLY IN POWER, an important and powerful short film that illuminates the intersection of sex worker advocacy and migrant labor rights.
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  • A-Doc
  • Lutaw
    Samantha Quick
    8 mins

    Germay, a scrappy, budding inventor, tries to find a better way to commute to school.

  • ...Izakaya
    Ryoji Sugimoto, Chuya Sudo
    11 mins

    One summer day, Takuya is invited by his girlfriend to go to an izakaya (a Japanese tavern) during lunchtime.

  • Fucking Japanese
    SJ Son + Woody Fu,
    4 mins

    A Korean woman and her Japanese lover are interrupted at an inconvenient time.

  • Xun
    Yehui Zhao
    3 mins

    XUN is an experimental meditation on diaspora, disorientation, and invisibility. Xun explores a surrealist journey to locate oneself through the juxtaposition of animation, paintings, and live action.

  • Fly In Power
    Yin Q, Grace Naw
    10 mins

    FLY IN POWER conveys the urgent issues of migrant Asian massage and sex workers.

  • Swing
    mari jaye blanchard, Mark Reisch
    6 mins

    On the playground, a frustrated girl’s jealousy clouds her inner thoughts and takes her deeper into hell, where she finds a shift in perspective.