[SHORTS] Through Practice: Documentary Shorts

The word practice encompasses many meanings—it could be the repetition of a skill, application of an idea, or one’s profession. Through their own practice, the individuals in these films show us how each of these definitions inform the other as they explore how their philosophy of life has been shaped by their dedication to their chosen profession. As we witness how a storied career in Bharatanatyam becomes a fight against conservatism in HOW SHE MOVES, the study of pottery interrogates the melding of two cultures in OBJECT OF MERIT, and the pursuit of music prompts personal reflection on connection in BETWEEN THE NOTES, we are called to reflect on what it means to fully define ourselves through practice.

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Community Partners

  • Korean American Story
  • A-Doc
  • TAP
  • Farming Slowly
    Anthony Newen
    8 mins

    A passionate farmer builds a lifestyle and community around the philosophy of taking time to grow organic foods.

  • Standing Above the Clouds
    Jalena Keane-Lee
    15 mins

    STANDING ABOVE THE CLOUDS follows Native Hawaiian mother-daughter activists as they stand to protect their sacred mountain, Mauna Kea, from the building of the world’s largest telescope.

  • Between the Notes
    Jordan Hwang
    15 mins

    Four students on the cusp of adulthood, hailing from different corners of the world, congregate at the first ever Taipei Music Academy & Festival, where they are pushed to reckon with their insecurities preparing for a risky career in music

  • Yai Nin
    Champ Ensminger
    13 mins

    Ninlawan Pinyo is the matriarch of a Thai American family, who hustled for her fortune by founding a naem (pork sausage) factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • How She Moves
    Anya Raza, Aisha Linnea
    40 mins

    HOW SHE MOVES is a documentary short about the spirited Indu Mitha, a 90-year-old dance teacher in Pakistan, as she prepares for her final dance recital.

  • An Object of Merit
    Amanda Ann-Min Wong
    23 mins

    What makes an ordinary bowl beautiful? Korean-Canadian ceramic artist Minjae Lee explores the influences on his functional wares, searching for purpose in his art.