Three Fish

A Vietnamese woman waits for her partner in a parking lot while he returns from the grocery store. After quietly announcing to him that she is pregnant, he storms away– making her finish their grocery store trip, as he has forgotten to buy fish. Upon entering, she orders two fish. After an encounter with a little girl reaching for a cup of Yan Yan, the woman adjusts her order to three fish.


  • Milky Tran
  • Milky Tran is a 22-year old Vietnamese-American award-winning writer/director from Pittsburgh, PA. Her stories revolve around female protagonists exploring the raw details of intimacy, relationships, family life and identity while discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. She has previously interned at NBCUniversal and JuVee Productions and is currently a mentee of the Women in Film Organization.
  • Producer

    • Milky Tran
  • Writer

    • Milky Tran
  • Cast

    • Angel Le
    • Anh Vu

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