Things We Carry

Jaein, a closeted Korean woman, returns home to the small island of Udo, off the coast of South Korea, for her father’s funeral. Her only surviving family member is her grandmother, who is a haenyo, a traditional deep sea diver. The long days at sea have weathered her to become cold and quiet. Home is familiar and different at the same time. Jaein tries to rediscover home and, in the process, becomes intrigued by a mysterious woman from her father’s past. This unravels a thread that leads Jaein to her father’s own secret and an unexpected connection with her grandmother.


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  • Bo Yoon Ha
  • Bo Yoon Ha is a writer/director based in Los Angeles, Korea, and Uganda. She is inspired by stories from these regions, and her films focus on humanistic stories that push the boundaries of place and identity. She has a BA from Columbia University in Comparative Ethnic Studies and Human Rights and is pursuing an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA.
  • Producer

    • Sang Woo Kim
  • Writer

    • Bo Yoon Ha
  • Cast

    • Moon Keung Yeum
    • Myung Ja Lee
    • Ji Yoon Suhl

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