17 minutes

Narrative, Drama

English, Hindi

India, United States


NYC Premiere

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Based on writer/producer/actress Leah Khambata’s personal experiences, (T)HERE is about an Indian girl, Rhea, who is pursuing her passion for acting in New York City when she gets a life-changing call from her mother. Rhea’s grandmother is in the hospital, which makes Rhea want to go back to India to be with her. Rhea is struggling to decide whether to stay in the U.S. or go back to India due to visa circumstances when a chance encounter with an immigrant grocery store manager leads to an unexpected bond between the two.

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  • Snigdha Kapoor
  • Snigdha Kapoor is an Indian cinematographer/director based out of NYC. A visual storyteller with a background in journalism and advertising, she finds the process of communicating through films liberating and believes that the art of cinematography embraces understanding subtext and psychology to best visually represent the story, characters, and tone. Her work in SHATTERED BEAUTY won Best Cinematography at Asian American Film Lab, and her feature as a DP, ANTOFAGASTA, is in the Chilean film catalog.
  • Producer

    • Leah Khambata
  • Writer

    • Leah Khambata
    • Aditi Mody
  • Cast

    • Leah Khambata
    • Zenobia Shroff
    • Soumendu Bhattacharya
    • Jason Emman

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