The Untitled Portrait of Red

The Untitled Portrait of Red

32 minutes

Narrative, Coming of Age, Drama, Experimental, Romance

English, Chinese, French

United States, China


International Premiere

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Bruce, a Chinese teenager who came to study in the United States, graduates from high school. He and his free-spirited French girlfriend Marianne spend their last day in Ojai, California. Bruce begins to hesitate between Marianne’s elopement plan and the perfect future that his father planned for him. He enters a surreal journey of memories, imaginations, and the artworks of René Magritte, trying to find his final decision.

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  • Simeon Hu
  • Simeon Hu was born in Los Angeles in 1997. He is currently in New York University Tisch School of the Arts. In 2015, his short film HYPERSOMNIA was selected for the Chinese Young Generation Film Forum and won the Best New Director at the Beijing International Micro Film Festival. In 2017, he was hired to direct FENG SHEN XIANG MO, which was released on Chinese online streaming platform Youku and received 60 million views, among the top five web movies of 2018 on Youku.
  • Producer

    • Ramsey Chand
    • Liam Lischak
    • Noah Kim
  • Writer

    • Simeon Hu
  • Cast

    • Jan Li
    • Cassandra Due
    • Paul Chen

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