The Undocmented

The Undocmented

15 minutes

Narrative, Drama


United States, Nepal


World Premiere

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THE UNDOCUMENTED is an English/Nepali socio-political drama set in NYC. It follows Hari, a Nepali immigrant with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), who takes up a job that he believes will help ease his family’s financial woes back home. But fate has something else planned for him.


  • Sunil Gurung
  • Sunil Gurung is a filmmaker from Nepal, based in New York City. He has spent the last five years working on music videos and short sketches as a writer, editor, and director. A registered nurse by profession, he is transitioning into becoming a full-time filmmaker.
  • Producer

    • Raj Basel
    • Sunil Gurung
  • Writer

    • Sunil Gurung
  • Cast

    • Meen Bhandari
    • Jayandra Chiluwal
    • Chris Sirios
    • Sunil Gurung
    • Rav In

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