Stealing School

Stealing School

October 1 October 11

75 minutes

Narrative, Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

English, Mandarin


East Coast Premiere

April, a brilliant programmer with a promising career ahead, is accused of plagiarism by Keith, who drags her into a tribunal to prevent her from graduating. Under the guise of impartiality, the three judges have their own illicit motives to inform their verdict. April and Keith build their cases with a colorful group of witnesses, but as tensions rise, all parties begin to reveal a sinister and unflattering side. What began as a seemingly honorable pursuit of academic justice devolves into a chaotic display of corruption, pettiness, and naked self-interest.

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  • Li Dong
  • Li Dong is an award-winning writer and director living and working in Toronto. He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2006 with honors in English and history, then went on to graduate from Dalhousie Law School. Afterwards, Dong played poker professionally before he was hand-selected by Oscar-nominated director Werner Herzog to attend his "Rogue Film School."
  • Producer

    • Li Dong
    • Mark Sirju
  • Writer

    • Li Dong
  • Cast

    • Celine Tsai
    • Mpho Koaho,Darrin Baker
    • Jonathan Keltz
    • Michelle Monteith
    • Jonathan Malen
    • Matthew Edison
    • Vas Saranga

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