[SHORTS] Special Delivery: Shorts that Spark Joy

Ring Ring Ring! Special delivery.
This section of shorts will have you laughing, smiling, and crying tears of joy. From Bollywood superstars, Canadian celebrities, and notable Asian figures, we have it all.
OVERSHARE will have you relating to your everyday Lyft ride, ASMR BOYFRIEND will give you a comedic take on Asian parent pressure, and much more. It’s time to sit back, relax and bathe in joyful stories.

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  • Korean American Story
  • TAP
  • Aye Ko
    Daniel Fahn Schoffman
    22 mins

    Stranded on a Southeast Asian country road with a headstrong goat as her sole companion, 12-year-old Aye Ko must find her way home in time for her sister's wedding.

  • Taiwanese Cha Cha Cha
    Judie (YuHui) Yang
    16 mins

    A fading dialect becomes the key to rebuild relationships

  • Idols Never Die
    Jerome Yoo
    17 mins

    When Korean pop idol “N.D.” tragically dies, a dysfunctional group of high school fan girls discover a hidden message in his music.

  • Ikebana
    Alejandro Yoshizawa
    5 mins

    A Japanese Canadian elder recalls her experiences growing up in Vancouver and shares her love of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

  • ASMR Boyfriend
    Angela Cheng
    6 mins

    Jessica can't sleep. The internet can help.

  • Overshare
    Michelle Noh
    11 mins

    There are some things Hazel’s rideshare driver needs to know… And there are some things he does not.

  • In Loving Memory
    Diana Bang, Mayumi Yoshida
    15 mins

    An apathetic young woman attends her dad's wake, 20 years after he abandoned her family.

  • A Glimpse (Ek Jhalak)
    18 mins

    Can a man fall for a woman he has never met? And what if she is not who he imagined her to be?