Sorejya Taka

A woman, having just experienced a crisis, calls a close friend and tries to convince them to go out for karaoke so she can forget all her troubles. After being refused, the woman calls another friend but is repeatedly put on hold. Frustrated, the woman hangs up and then receives persistent texts from a wrong number. When she finally reaches a sympathetic ear, she hesitates to confide her problems. Will she ever find solace?

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  • Jason Guerrero
  • Jason Guerrero is a director based in NYC whose focus has previously been in the world of commercials. He has directed spots for brands such as Keebler, Purina, and Wells Fargo. However, he has recently begun a foray into narrative story telling, with SOREJYA TAKA being one of the first fictional short films he has written and directed.
  • Producer

    • Akiko Guerrero
  • Writer

    • Jason Guerrero
  • Cast

    • Kayo Ise

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