Sideways Smile

Sideways Smile

18 minutes

Episodic, Narrative, Comedy


United States


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Alex fakes orgasms because she’s never had one. After Dara, her eccentric queer roommate, pushes her to “get to know her pussy better,” Alex reluctantly enrolls in a class to get more in touch with her body. Each week, Alex learns something new about sexuality and identity, and must reckon with whether she wants to be what society tells her an Asian American woman should be or carve her own path.

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  • Hang Nguyen
  • Hang (she/her) is an educator and filmmaker. She is the creator, writer, director, and producer of Sideways Smile, an official grantee of the Made in NY: Women in Film Fund. She is the founder of Femsex Boston, an organization that runs a community workshop on female sexuality and identity.
  • Producer

    • Diane Chen
    • Iya Megre
    • Jackie Schwartz
    • Harry Aspinwall
  • Writer

    • Hang Nguyen
  • Cast

    • Diane Chen
    • Kathy Huynh-Phan

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