SACH (meaning “truth” in Hindi) takes you behind the scenes where drag and culture meet. Rooted in love, kindness, and truth, SNJV shares a message of acceptance and affirmation.


  • Christian Francis
  • SNJV
  • As a child, Christian Francis naturally expressed himself through music and later transitioned into visual mediums in his early adulthood. Francis has worked with major companies and artists such as Google, Glow, Bon Jovi with SparkArt, Elemental8, and more.
  • SNJV (pronounced: sun-jeev) is a drag artist who infuses culture into dance, fashion, and music. He proudly holds the title of Mister GAPA (Gay Asian Pacific Alliance) 2019 and is the first South Asian title holder in its history. He is co-founder of Parivar (meaning “family” in Hindi), an organization to support and celebrate queer/trans/gender non-conforming folks connected to the South Asian diaspora. He explores all mediums to tell the stories of culture and flavor for all to enjoy.
  • Producer

    • SNJV
  • Writer

    • SNJV
  • Cast

    • SNJV

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