[SHORTS] Parental Guidance

Parenthood is equally as demanding as it is enriching. These films don’t shy away from some of the more difficult aspects of parenting. Whether it is the mental anguish of losing a child in THE PREGNANT GROUND, a mother in MOM FIGHT doing whatever she has to do to get her child a prized action figure, or the multi-layered feelings of inadequacy in SECOND PARENT, we can see that child rearing isn’t a role to be taken lightly.

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  • Adam
    Shoki Lin
    19 mins

    Tired of his turbulent family life, Adam seeks out an alternative arrangement in hopes of finding his place.

  • The Pregnant Ground
    Haolu Wang
    24 mins

    After a traumatic stillbirth, a woman starts to believe the ground below her apartment is pregnant.

  • Mom Fight
    Mickey Finnegan
    12 mins

    Two moms seek the hottest toy this holiday season at the local store. The problem is there's only one left.

  • Bitter Melons
    Thavary Krouch
    25 mins

    A tough female line cook is tasked with delivering bitter melons to her estranged father.

  • Second Parent
    Penny Pin-Jung Chen
    16 mins

    A non-biological lesbian mother struggles when her daughter shows signs of favoring her wife, who's the birth mom. Her fears deepen when her brother, who's also their sperm donor, comes to visit from Asia.

  • Mother, Flower
    Eunhye Hong Kim
    16 mins

    Soo is having a hard time adjusting to being a new mom to her newborn child.