My First Sessions

My First Sessions

8 minutes

Documentary, Animation

English, Mandarin

United States


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An animated, experimental documentary about a young Chinese woman’s first experience going to therapy at her American school. 

Best Documentary, Hunter College/CUNY

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  • My First Seasons Explores Therapy & CultureLink
  • TrailerLink


  • Wendy Cong Zhao
  • Wendy Cong Zhao is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has been working and teaching in the independent animation field since 2011. MY FIRST SESSION is her first non-fiction, animated short film. It was released by The New Yorker online as part of The New Yorker Documentary series on July 29, 2020.
  • Producer

    • Wendy Cong Zhao
    • Sara Joe Wolansky
    • Soo Jeong Kang
  • Writer

    • Wendy Cong Zhao
  • Cast

    • Yuke Li

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