Mother, Flower

Mother, Flower

16 minutes

Narrative, Drama, Family


USA, South Korea


East Coast Premiere

Content Warning: Postpartum Depression

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Soo is forced to leave work because of her depression and faces various judgments from her mom, husband, and others. The film questions the true meaning of a “mother’s love” that is tied up in societal expectations.

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  • Eunhye Hong Kim
  • Growing up in a rural area in Seoul, Eunhye Hong Kim has observed the daily lives of people who survive at the edge of society without having an active voice or not having enough support in their life. She found herself to be a storyteller who is naturally drawn to tell the stories of people whom she grew up with. She makes stories about women, teenagers, and immigrants who she could empathize with their stories.
  • Writer

    • Oh Jun Kwon
  • Cast

    • Jinah Kang
    • Sanggyun Kim

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