Mom Fight

Mom Fight

12 minutes

Narrative, Action, Comedy


United States


NYC Premiere

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It is the holiday season, and just like every other Christmas, it is a mad dash for people looking to pick up that last minute gift before the big day. When full-time mom Jackie Lee goes on a quest to find the hottest toy of the year this Christmas, she meets her match—another mom with an equal desire. With only one toy left in the store, these two female powerhouses engage in a kung-fu infused MOM FIGHT! Turns out, the only thing stronger than a mother’s love is her punch.

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  • Mickey Finnegan
  • Mickey is a Filipino x Irish writer and director based in Los Angeles, California. Best known for his music video and commercial work, Mickey established himself directing for high profile artists and brands such as LMFAO, Katy Perry, MTV, Playstation, among many others. Mickey’s success as a director has led him to nominations and wins from Emmy's, People’s Choice, VMA’s, AMA's, and Promax. His directing work has been viewed over 3 billion times on Youtube, and he is a DGA member and USC alumni.
  • Producer

    • Jennifer Khoe
    • Sacha Smith
    • Ben Kang
  • Writer

    • Mickey Finnegan
  • Cast

    • Jennifer Khoe
    • Michaela McAllister

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