[SHORTS] Lost & Found

These films are about the physical and emotional distance that can be necessary to cross as a result of emigrating from home. We see the consequences of moving to a new land, and the vagaries about home and the self that are created. Through these films we can see that assimilation is not relegated just within immigration and being forced into another culture. It can also include others’ idea of who you should be physically or behaviorally, in any place. These films are about losing and then finding oneself.

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  • Becoming Eddie
    Lilan Bowden
    16 mins

    A Korean American boy in the 1980s struggles to fit in with his classmates, so he makes the only logical wish—to become America’s most famous foulmouthed comedian.

  • Jasmine Lane
    Stéphane Ly-Cuong
    21 mins

    In the early 1960s, Loan, a young Vietnamese woman, and Pierre, her Eurasian husband, are relocated to a village in Auvergne under a resettlement program for French nationals from Indochina.

  • Providence
    Daniel Lee
    11 mins

    On his way to meet his father, a young man recounts his family's troubled history.

  • Why Don’t You Eat More?
    George Du, Sinclair Neff
    4 mins

    A quiet, up-close reflection on masculinity and the meaning of the word "skinny.”

  • 1056 Metres
    Edwin Ho
    17 mins

    Ling needs a kidney. She leaves Malaysia and crosses the 1056-meter-long causeway at the border to Singapore to see her younger brother, who now lives there, to seek this desperate favor. Will her last hope eventually save her?

  • The Untitled Portrait of Red
    Simeon Hu
    32 mins

    A young Chinese student meets a free-spirited girl obsessed with the surrealist René Magritte and promptly falls in love with her, challenging the conservative values of his family and father.