Kneeling Sheep

Kneeling Sheep

15 minutes

Digital, Drama

Mongolian, Chinese

United States, China


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A Mongolian single mother’s peaceful life is suddenly disrupted when she receives a phone call from the police. Her 18-year-old son has been arrested for rape and murder. During the special nationwide strike hard campaign, she must prove her son’s innocence or risk his execution. The clock is ticking.

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  • Hai Rihan
  • Hai Rihan is an award winning LA-based Mongolian director. Film to her is more than entertainment. It is a comprehensive art form that is capable of stimulating dialogues about social, political, and cultural issues. Her works are a venue where the hidden faces and stilled voices can be seen and heard, focusing on minority women, the disabled, and the elderly. She is devoted to telling realistic stories with unique cultural backgrounds and great passion.
  • Producer

    • Jervis Li
  • Writer

    • Hai Rihan
  • Cast

    • Hong Mei
    • Namar
    • Baoligao
    • Havrqeqege

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