Keep Me At Bay

Keep Me At Bay

18 minutes

Narrative, Drama

English, Mandarin

China, United States


Content Warning: Sexual Content, Violence

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Watching the sunrise, Snow remembers a traumatic fight with her father that she had as a child. As she tries to throw her past away, her loved one in her current life accidentally recreates painful memories. Snow must decide whether to hold back or bravely break through.


  • Jingyi Hu
  • Jingyi Hu is an independent Chinese filmmaker who works in film directing, screenwriting, and editing. She got her MFA in Filmmaking at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2019. Like her film KEEP ME AT BAY, Jingyi’s filmmaking passion is to emphasize women’s stories and women filmmakers in this industry. She draws from her experience as an assistant director in film and as a writer/director for the stage in both China and the U.S.
  • Producer

    • Imani Leigh
    • Tiegang Wang
  • Writer

    • Jingyi Hu
  • Cast

    • Andrea Chen
    • Kayland Jordan
    • Jiani Du
    • Yafei Dai

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