Jasmine Lane

Jasmine Lane

21 minutes

Narrative, Drama, Family

French, Vietnamese

France, Vietnam


NYC Premiere

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In the early 1960s, Loan, a young Vietnamese woman, and Pierre, her Eurasian husband, are relocated to a village in Auvergne under a resettlement program for French nationals from Indochina. Loan believes that the situation is only temporary and that she will return soon to Vietnam.

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  • Stéphane Ly-Cuong
  • Stéphane Ly-Cuong studied cinema at the University of Paris VIII, at Brooklyn College, and at the Femis. He directed a few short films including THE YOUNG GIRL AND THE TURTLE and PARADISCO. He also writes and directs musicals like The New Romantics or Lime colored Cabaret.
  • Producer

    • Amélie Quéret
  • Writer

    • Stéphane Ly-Cuong
  • Cast

    • Grace Ly
    • Isabelle Girard
    • Audrey Giacomini
    • Bich Ly-Chong
    • Fanny Sydney
    • Mike Nguyen
    • Linh-Dan Pham

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