One summer day, Takuya is invited by his girlfriend to go to an izakaya (a Japanese tavern) during lunchtime. All around Takuya are a strange collection of people eating their lunch. People go abruptly insane. Kaori pretends not to notice. And Takuya…?


  • Ryoji Sugimoto
  • Chuya Sudo
  • Born in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Prefecture, Ryogi Sugimoto is an actor, screenwriter, director. He presides over his own theater group, “MEN SOUL,” where he serves as a playwright, director, and actor. Creating over 20 plays as playwright and director, he is involved in the creation of other outside plays as well. He served as a screenwriter and director for his debut film KAMATOTO, which was released nationwide under the name, RYOJITAKEMOTO and screened at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2015.
  • Born and raised in Nikko. Chuya Sudo is a VR director/film director. Sudo is a creator of music videos, documentaries, live concert videos, and other music-related visuals. Sudo began working in VR video production in 2016.
  • Producer

    • Takashi Machi
    • Danichi Okabe
    • Masato Sadaoka
    • Ryoji Sugimoto
    • Fumiji Watanbe
  • Writer

    • Ryoji Sugimoto
  • Cast

    • Mihato
    • Satoru Shinjo

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