In Loving Memory

Having been fatherless almost her entire life, Kaylie would have it no other way. But with the recent death of her biological dad, hidden pent-up emotions are brought to the surface when her mom forces her to attend his wake with the promise of an inheritance.

At the wake, awkwardness is in full force when questions and expectations arise about the man she barely knew. Everyone seems to know him better than she did, his own DNA. As Kaylie’s unresolved emotions creep further to the surface, so does her need to connect to her dad. Now she must navigate decades of grief and neglect as family secrets are revealed and discoveries are made.


  • Diana Bang
  • Mayumi Yoshida
  • Diana Bang is a Korean-Canadian actor that got her start in performance and writing with the Asian-Canadian sketch comedy group, Assaulted Fish. Film & TV acting credits include The Interview, Entanglement and The Baby-sitter's Club. She also co-directed short films “In Loving Memory” with Mayumi Yoshida and “Karaoke Mamas” with Andrea Bang.
  • Mayumi Yoshida is an award-winning Japanese Canadian filmmaker and actor from Tokyo, Japan. Her directorial debut “AKASHI” won Outstanding Writer at NBCUniversal Short Film Festival, and many more awards internationally. Her short “TOKYO LOVERS” won Best Short at Japan Film Festival LA. Her first horror short "Trim" won Best Film at Blood N Guts 2019. Her latest short “In Loving Memory” is a collaboration with Diana Bang and Andrea Bang.
  • Producer

    • Nach Dudsdeemaytha
    • Brittany Lum Cho
    • Phil Planta
    • Theo Kim
  • Writer

    • Andrea Bang
  • Cast

    • Andrea Bang
    • Susan Hanson

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