Idols Never Die

When Korean pop idol “N.D.” tragically dies, a dysfunctional group of high school fan girls discover a hidden message in his music, which leads them on a quest to fulfill his final wish — to spread his ashes over the tallest tree in their hometown forest.

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  • Jerome Yoo
  • Often telling stories of youth, Jerome Yoo is a director and writer who aims to inject unconventional style and energy to bring stories to life. Jerome made his directing debut in 2018 with his Storyhive short, GONG JU, and has previously co-written the award-winning hip-hop short, CYPHER.
  • Producer

    • Paul Armstrong (Crazy 8s Film Society)
  • Writer

    • Jerome Yoo
    • Andrea Bang
  • Cast

    • Catherine Shim
    • Jessica Kim
    • Jenny Jeon
    • Sophia Nam
    • Rachel Shim

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