21 minutes

Narrative, Drama, Thriller




North American Premiere

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Miyabi’s child idol daughter, Kasumi, is the sole breadwinner in their two-person household, despite still only barely making ends meet. When Kasumi is replaced in the group by the more popular Ami, Miyabi tries to get a job but is rejected by even the local convenience store. When she encounters Ami walking home from school, Miyabi makes a rash decision that will change their lives forever.


  • Ryushi Lindsay
  • Ryushi Lindsay is an Anglo-Japanese filmmaker based in Tokyo. Raised in SE England, he moved to Tokyo in 2017 after graduating from King’s College London. As a director, he is particularly drawn to political filmmaking that challenges the formal institutions of dominant cinema, and his work in experimental and narrative film has screened at festivals globally. He also works as a producer and fixer across fiction, documentary, and news, where he puts his bilingualism to use on international shoots in Japan.
  • Producer

    • Ryushi Lindsay
    • Aya Watanabe
  • Writer

    • Ryushi Lindsay
  • Cast

    • Neya Ryoka
    • Sasaki Miyu
    • Takahashi Sawa

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