29 minutes

Episodic, Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama


United States


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HIGHBREAD is a comedy about Jai who opens the first-of-its-kind marijuana-based bakery in Boston by finding loopholes in the current judicial system, with his pothead African-American roommate, Dennis, and the struggling yet independent and fierce bakery owner, Zoe. The series is about bringing diverse cultures together to create a comedy that breaks stereotypes about the multiracial and multigenerational youth of today with some sweet and savory marijuana-induced baked goods from both the Indian and American heritage on the streets of the educational hub of the world, Boston.

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  • Jayesh Jaidka
  • A Telly Award Winner with a total of 35 awards under his belt as a filmmaker, Jaidka has diversified talent and experience in film and media production. A Masters graduate in film from Boston University, Jayesh is highly experienced in film producing, directing, and editing. With over eight short films, one TV pilot, and three advertisements under his belt, he is currently taking his brainchild, HIGHBREAD, a narrative episodic series, to the pitching floor.
  • Producer

    • Jayesh Jaidka
  • Writer

    • Daniel Blanda
  • Cast

    • Jonathan D’Rozario
    • Charlotte Peartree Moon
    • Dwayne P. Mitchell

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