Reza and Tooba are a young couple that have to mortgage their househave a house in the mortgage bank. Reza starts gambling to pay the bank installments, but he loses his wife without knowing it. He comes back home and understands the depth of the tragedy and looks for the way to escape and run away from gamblers.

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  • Siamak Kashefazar
  • Seeing school plays, I became interested in theatre and acting. Of course, my interest in cinema came from watching two films and a serial: Amir Naderi’s memorable film RUNNER and HAMOON by Dariush Mehrjuie.
  • Producer

    • Siamak Kashefazar
  • Writer

    • Siamak Kashefazar
  • Cast

    • Hamid Reza Azarang
    • Bahar Mohamad Pour

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