GAME NIGHT! Designing for Games Roundtable, Part 1

GAME NIGHT! Designing for Games Roundtable, Part 1

October 2 | 9:30 PM

75 minutes

Tune in live for Game Night, Part 1 as we play and talk games! Game creators, GJ Lee (Tree Trunk Brook), Goutham Dindukurthi (Mystic Pillars), and Jenny Windom (Garden Story) will talk about their work and game design in a casual roundtable discussion.

These games lead us into familiar and magical spaces to make new friends, wander, and help others. We begin in an all-too-familiar territory, a cabin fever pandemic world, where hiking on open-ended trails is done six-feet apart and indoor spaces are off-limits. Eventually we are led to Zampi, a magical kingdom in MYSTIC PILLARS and a vibrant island city in GARDEN STORY to help rebuild fractured communities.

Accessing games: Select games are available to be played remotely with us! Details on system and software requirements, price, and accessibility are noted in the individual game descriptions below. Please note that to play some of the games, downloading Steam is first required. Free download:

Tree Trunk Brook: Free online in browser. Windows 64 download available. Link to game:
Mystic Pillars: For purchase only. Link to game:
Garden Story: Demo version available for download. Link to game:

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Guest Speakers

  • GJ Lee (Tree Trunk Brook)

    GJ Lee (Tree Trunk Brook)

    GJ Lee is a multidisciplinary artist and game developer working in the New York City area. She uses practiced-based research to explore complex subjects. The results mostly take on the form of games, installations, and performances. Her works and collaborations have been seen and played at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Stedelijk Museum, La Gaite Lyrique, Eyebeam, New Museum, and Museum of the Moving Image.

  • Goutham Dindukurthi (Mystic Pillars)

    Goutham Dindukurthi (Mystic Pillars)

    Goutham Dindukurthi is an alumni of Carnegie Mellon University and Ubisoft Barcelona. He founded Holy Cow Productions in 2014 in Bangalore, India. The studio has worked on games like Zenith and Mystic Pillars and is currently working on Bot Rods – An arcade racing game for PC and consoles

  • Jenny Windom, Picogram (Garden Story)

    Jenny Windom, Picogram (Garden Story)

    Jenny (she/her) is the Communications Manager for Rose City Games (Garden Story, Floppy Knights). In addition to creating content highlighting indie games, she is especially passionate about discussing coziness in games, advocating for increased representation in the industry, and critically discussing the intersection of games and our lived experiences.

    Picogram first began developing Garden Story in March 2018 and signed with publisher Rose City Games in June 2019, allowing them to begin full-time work on the game. While Picogram previously participated in game jams to create titles like P.E. Noire and goodbye, doggy, this is their first full commercial title. In June 2020, the team announced their 2021 release window in conjunction with their new partner, Kowloon Nights.