Farming Slowly

Catherine Nguyen is a passionate young Vietnamese-American woman farmer who rejects the industrial mono-crop way of growing food, and focuses on traditional and natural ways. Her philosophy that we should slow down, build a community around our food, and do it organically can help us live a happier, healthier, and more engaged life.

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  • Anthony Newen
  • As a teenager, Anthony Newen learned how to shoot and edit while making videos on YouTube. At age 18, Anthony moved to Los Angeles and began to work on film sets as a background actor, camera operator, and sound mixer. This experience gave Anthony his “film school” despite not having a formal film education at a university. His films have screened at many film festivals that include DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Austin Asian American Film Festival and Dances With Films Film Festival.
  • Producer

    • Anthony Newen
  • Cast

    • Catherine Nguyen

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