Export My Love

Export My Love

October 1 October 11

99 minutes

Documentary, Family, Romance

English, Mandarin

China, United States


World Premiere

In China, it’s hard for divorced or widowed women—especially those with children—to remarry. But single mothers still long for love and to give their descendants a caring father figure. EXPORT MY LOVE is a cross-continental love story bridging East and West. Shot in both China and America, this documentary follows four Chinese women trying to find husbands in the U.S. Although they’ve never been to America before, they try their best to overcome cultural barriers and start new lives.

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  • Studio ATAO

Bonus Content


  • Jinglin Li
  • Jinglin Li is an individual filmmaker from China. She is always intrigued by social issues and people’s stories. She seeks out the rudimental connections between people and society. Exploring the happiness, sadness, courage, cowardice, tranquility, and anxiety that comes with those connections, she is determined to uncover the truths—the ones people may never ponder about, the ones they can’t believe or aren’t willing to believe but indeed exist.
  • Producer

    • Jinglin Li
  • Writer

    • Jinglin Li
  • Cast

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