[SHORTS] Episodic

The “Golden Age of Television” may be over but it’s just beginning in the API space. Experience this  mix of pilots and episodes that showcase up and coming API episodic storytellers.

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  • Sideways Smile
    Hang Nguyen
    18 mins

    A young Asian-American woman begins a journey of sexual discovery after enrolling in a class to learn how to have an orgasm.

  • So Bright 2
    Kok Man Hon
    16 mins

    A hardworking musician finally has an opportunity to fulfill his dream. A girl with terminal illness falls in love with him despite knowing he has a girlfriend. With relationship complications impacting his career, he has to decide.

  • Analysis Paralysis
    Van Hai Doan
    36 mins

    A series of overthinking scenarios told in 5 mins or less.

  • HighBread
    Jayesh Jaidka
    29 mins

    A collegiate comedy that highlights the lives of a baker, a burnout, and an international student on the brink of breakdown as they collectively break bread and cultural stereotypes over a Boston-based marijuana bakery.