16 minutes

Narrative, Drama


Vietnam, United States


East Coast Premiere

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Music is a huge part of Vietnamese culture and history, and the songs that were written before 1975 speak volumes to the struggle and hardships of the Vietnamese people. Music by the prolific songwriter, Trinh Cong Son, accompany the scathing images of war, destruction, grief, and resilience.


  • Alexander Phuc Khang Nguyen
  • Alex is currently a post-bacc student at San Francisco State University, studying economics. He is most interested in using economics as a way to change policies in America to help the disadvantaged. He is also a professional and hobbyist in photography and filmography, focusing on telling stories of the people around him.
  • Producer

    • Alexander Phuc Khang Nguyen
  • Writer

    • Alexander Phuc Khang Nguyen

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