Zaylin (adopted from Russia) and Marisa (adopted from China) narrate their experiences of adoption, detachment from their native cultures, and the outdated family stereotypes that seldom describe modern America.


  • Roxy Morris
  • Roxy Morris, a 17-year-old Chinese American filmmaker based in San Diego, California, fell in love with film through her directorial debut DAUGHTERS. A firm believer in artistic expression, Roxy embarks on self-discovery through her work, embodying the roles of director, writer, and editor. Combined with her cinematic influences, her distinct storytelling births thought-provoking, personal films to spread social awareness, amplify minority voices, and promote empathy.
  • Producer

    • Frank Howley
    • Rizzhel Mae Javier
  • Writer

    • Roxy Morris
  • Cast

    • Marisa Morris
    • Zaylin Tsakiris

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