Cupcake Dad

Cupcake Dad

14 minutes

Narrative, Comedy, Drama, Family


United States


World Premiere

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CUPCAKE DAD is about a dad who feels pressure from family and society telling him to achieve more and to be a certain kind of person. He has done that. He has become that. But he realizes that he is losing what is most important to him. He tries to make amends while also grasping for yet another big career opportunity.


  • John H. Kim
  • John H. Kim is an award-winning South Korea-born, New York-raised, Manhattan-based filmmaker and screenwriter. His short films and screenplays—MAITRE D’ (2018) and CUPCAKE DAD (2019)—have been selected at film festivals. John is a graduate of the University of Chicago. He enjoys being a family man with three young children, although he is not always good at it. He is finishing up his coming-of-age immigrant feature screenplay.
  • Producer

    • John H. Kim
  • Writer

    • John H. Kim
  • Cast

    • John Kim
    • Nehemiah Kim
    • Steve Strom
    • Lex Daemon
    • Mattie Jo Cowsert
    • Josiah Schneider
    • Pamela Macey
    • Thomas Michael Miller
    • Meredith Davis

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