[SHORTS] Crush or Be Crushed: Love Stories

Is it better to crush or be crushed? From facing the challenges of the New York dating scene while wearing hearing aids in SUPER SONIC, to exploring love and sexuality as a  grandmother in KEEP WARM, or experiencing the crushing heartache of love lost in WEDNESDAYS and SOREJYA TAKA, these shorts capture what it feels like to seek connection and to stumble upon love as it surprises us in all its varying forms. These stories present us love through more than just rose-tinted shades — unlikely, awkward, messy, even deeply sad. Like all things, they are interrupted by the social, historical, and political forces moving around us. Romance finds a way.
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  • Wednesdays
    Jung Yoon Jang, Hae Seoung Kim
    15 mins

    Dongbok, a human rights activist and a former sex slave of the Imperial Japanese Army, has been petitioning for 27 years for both reparations and an apology.

  • Super Sonic
    Saleem Nasir Gondal
    15 mins

    Worried that his hearing aids will fail him, Wahid must find a new language to keep his budding romance with Samar alive.

  • Coby and Stephen Are in Love
    Luka Yuanyuan Yang, Carlo Nasisse
    30 mins

    Despite dissimilarities in culture and age, an artist and a former Chinatown nightclub dancer find unlikely love in each other through handmade outfits, dance, and collage.

  • Haunt
    Siamak Kashefazar
    17 mins

    Reza is a gambling addict who loses his wife during a game without knowing it. When he comes back home, he looks for a way to escape...

  • Keep Warm
    Blair Cannon, Olivia Leong Sulkowicz
    12 mins

    A Japanese grandmother has a coming-of-age experience later in life.

  • Sorejya Taka
    Jason Guerrero
    11 mins

    After an unexpected crisis, a woman phones her friends for solace while wandering the streets of Tokyo.