9 minutes

Narrative, Animation, Drama


UK, India


US Premiere

Content Warning: Violence

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Bibi is plagued by memories of the past, and her granddaughter Simran begins to notice. While Bibi teaches her how to make Cha, they are pulled into Bibi’s memories of one fateful day in Delhi in 1984.

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  • Gagandeep Kalirai
  • Gagandeep Kalirai is a director and animator who is passionate about combining animation and documentary. Gagandeep aims to bring light to issues within ethnic communities that the wider audience is rarely privy to. While studying for her Master's degree at the National Film and Television School, Gagandeep secured the BAFTA scholarship and has since directed and animated MELTDOWN (2018), MY HOME (2018) and CHA (2020).
  • Producer

    • James Bowsher
  • Writer

    • Shyam Popat
  • Cast

    • Manpreet Bambara
    • Neelam Bakshi

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