Bitter Melons

Bitter Melons

25 minutes

Narrative, Drama, Family

English, Khmer

United States


East Coast Premiere

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Sophia, a female line cook, is tasked by her mother to deliver bitter melons to her estranged father. The delivery doesn’t go as planned, but through personal encounters and challenges involving the bitter melons, she is forced to confront her past and connect with her heart, tribe, and cultural roots.

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  • Thavary Krouch
  • Thavary Krouch has an MFA in Writing & Directing for Film from Columbia College Chicago. When she's not making her own films, she's supporting other independent filmmakers in her role as Independent Film Coordinator for the Chicago Film Office. She also has experience in film distribution, having managed the Facets Label of art house films. Her own films have largely focused on the Cambodian-American and immigrant experience.
  • Producer

    • Daniel Lamkin
    • Jess Wright
    • Corey Gilbert
    • Maria Roxas
  • Writer

    • Thavary Krouch
    • Daniel Lamkin
  • Cast

    • Pisay Pao
    • Channy Chhi Laux
    • Theavuth Chourb
    • Japhet Balaban
    • Hector Vargas
    • Arun Sampanthavivat
    • Sinath Khoeun Key

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