Between the Notes

In 2019, Cho-Liang Lin created the Taipei Music Academy & Festival, where he invites classical music masters and rising musicians from the different corners of the world to perform in his home country. The inaugural year brings together Pi-wei, Everett, Katherine, and Angela—four musicians respectively from Taipei, California, South Carolina, and New York. With vastly different approaches to music, the four young musicians’ time in Taiwan forces them to re-examine what it means to be a performer while also tackling the doubts and insecurities of pursuing a professional career in classical music.

Bonus Content


  • Jordan Hwang
  • Jordan is a young and passionate director based in Los Angeles whose work is a cultural bridge for Asian and American content. His videos reached millions of views on YouTube Channels for The Try Guys, Jubilee, Fung Bros, and Jeremy Lin. He premiered his first feature film, HIDDEN SUMMER, in 2018. He is currently working at Activision as an editor and capture artist, and on the side, he is in post-production on a feature documentary for The Try Guys.
  • Producer

    • Ian Tan
  • Writer

    • Jordan Hwang
  • Cast

    • Pi-wei Lin
    • Everett Kelly
    • Katherine Woo
    • Angela Wee
    • Cho-Liang Lin

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