Becoming Eddie

Becoming Eddie

16 minutes

Narrative, Comedy, Coming of Age

English, Korean

United States


NYC Premiere

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Yong, a Korean American boy in the 1980s, is obsessed with pop culture. He also has trouble fitting in with his American classmates, who consider him a foreigner despite their common interests. After a particularly devastating rejection by the “cool” kids, Yong makes a wish to become the world’s most famous foulmouthed standup comedian, Eddie Meyers. When his wish comes true in an unexpected and hilarious way, he achieves popularity but soon faces the downsides of not being himself.

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  • Lilan Bowden
  • Lilan Bowden is an actor/director most notable for her role as “Bex” on Emmy-nominated Andi Mack (Winner of Disney Channel’s first GLAAD award). Along with her writing partner, Wilder Smith, she has written and directed material for Funny Or Die, College Humor, Samsung’s MILK app, and the Casting Society of America. As a solo director, she directed her first higher budget short film BECOMING EDDIE last year and has directed multiple commercial spots for the toy company VTech.
  • Producer

    • Ed Lee
    • Joyce Liu-Countryman
  • Writer

    • Ed Lee
  • Cast

    • Joziah Lagonoy
    • Amanda Misa Curtis
    • Helen Hong
    • Charles Kim
    • Lindsay Beamish
    • Jason Brewer
    • Brandin Stennis
    • Chance Caeden
    • David Michael Brown

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