Anti-Racism: Storytelling in Education and Awareness (Pt. 1)

Anti-Racism: Storytelling in Education and Awareness (Pt. 1)

October 6 | 7:30 PM

60 minutes

“Asian CineVision was founded in New York City over 40 years ago with the mission of “promoting and preserving Asian and Asian American media expressions.” A race-based arts organization like ours could not exist if not for the decades of struggle by Black cultural workers, fighting for space, equality, and equity in national and local media spheres. Come and join us in our two-part conversational series focusing on:
• How to be anti-racist in our storytelling
• How we can get involved in activism, and
• How we can overall be better advocates for the Black community.

In Part 1, we discuss the power in storytelling. Stories can create change in a narrative or perpetuate misconceptions. As we see more and more resources emphasizing the importance of anti-racist education for organizations and individuals alike, how can this learning be embedded into our practices as creators? In this roundtable discussion, storytellers and activists talk about what being actively anti-racist means in storytelling and entertainment/media. What can storytellers do to communicate these habits and methods to audience members? We discuss urgent issues of colorism and the responsibility to create stories that reflect our communities with complexity and nuance.”


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